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These comics were originally powered by an old Flash script, hence the name.
Click through the galleries below to simulate the effect of reading through the story frames at your own pace!

CREDITS for Sybal Heim: Prologue

Hayley Lazo - Writer, Artist, Flash Compositor
(Featuring selections from William Wordsworth's sonnets To Sleep)

CREDITS for Sybal Heim Chapter One

Hayley Lazo - Storyboards, Shading, Compositing, Misc Lines
Anna Earley - Writer, Character Lines, Misc Lines
Amy Judy - Crowd lines
Morgan Lewis - Background lines

CREDITS for Sybal Heim: Chapter 2

Hayley Lazo - Storyboard Cleanup, Character lines, Values, Compositing
Anna Earley - Writer, Misc Crowd Lines
Morgan Lewis - Background Lines
Deanna Vaida - Storyboards

CREDITS for Starhawk: Intro

Hayley Lazo - Writer, Artist, Flash Compositor

CREDITS for Eden OCT Audition (Part I and II)

Hayley Lazo - Writer, Artist, Flash Compositor

Flash Comic Boards


Chronicles of a Villainess

An original fantasy webcomic which follows Villi, a young Magi with a bone to pick with the world. Armed with her wits, her magic, and her trusty Familiar, she's dead set on making a decidedly negative difference.

[Available Here]

Legend of Zelda: Sacred Hand

A spin on the classic legend. The tale begins a little over 1000 years after the Upheaval, an apocalyptic series of natural disasters that transformed Hyrule into a wasteland, and follows Link, a young desert brigand with a sacred duty that even the ancient Hylians had long forgotten. 

[Available Here]

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